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How To Choose The Best Swimsuit For Each Body Type?

Posted on September 03 2020

Summer is synonymous with vacations, heat, beach, swimming pool, and swimwear for sale. A swimsuit becomes an essential garment for the time, mostly because it must be fashionable and must fit your body properly. The swimsuit is one of those garments that can last for many years. The reality is that once you decide to buy women’s swimwear, the process becomes a journey, either trying to find the right model or color and fit for our body.


However, choosing one is a headache for those who wish to follow the trends every season and year. Women have different shapes and silhouettes than others. Make sure to analyze our frame when choosing a swimsuit that will accompany us throughout the holidays. Enjoy fantastic offers on swimwear for sale.

Suitable To Your Body Type:

The body shape is essential when choosing a swimsuit. It is necessary to know the type of body to shape you wish to have.

  • Pear: Those with a pear-shaped body have narrower shoulders and waist than hips. It is necessary to buy women’s swimwear that is smooth and printed at the top. It is also suitable for this kind of silhouette to use padded and strapless models.
  • Apple / Oval: Women with this body type have a waist width more significant than that of the shoulders and hips. It is necessary that the bottom of the swimsuit must be dark in color. This favors and gives the impression of a narrower silhouette.

Hourglass: This body shape and size of shoulders and hips are important. Slim shape is the favorite among models that promote bikinis and swimsuits, especially those with bold prints. Click for swimwear for sale

  • Rectangle: In this type of body, the hip, waist, and shoulders have the same measurement. Strapless tops and low-waist bottoms are compulsory for this shape to create the illusion of a curvy silhouette.

According to skin color:

Many do not consider this essential factor. In addition, the skin color is critical when choosing the tone of swimsuit, regardless of the tan that you have at the time.

  • White skin: For people with very fair skin, it is best to use dark tones such as black and robust blue and intense ones such as red and wine. The ones that are not flattering are light and pastel colors
  • Tanned skin: For this skin tone, the ideal colors are blue and orange. The ones that should not be used are dark tones such as browns and blacks
  • Brown skin: For this type of skin, the colors that favor are light green and yellow. Soft colors and pastel shades are also ideal. Beige tones should be avoided

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Nowadays, the types of swimwear for sale on the market are unlimited. Wearing a bathing suit is no longer synonymous with old-fashioned. Currently, many prefer this model, which has even become a vintage option, which can be feminine and subtle but with a sexy touch. There is an infinity of models, colors, and designs to choose from, even to combine. Although we must refer to those who arrive at the stores in our country, there is always the option to buy women’s swimwear online.