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How To Wear Leggings In A Chic Way

Posted on July 06 2020

Leggings are taking over the world of fashion. Through chic designs and styles that go beyond practicality and comfort, leggings are for the fashionistas. In the past, sportswear was synonymous with being informal, but the trend has changed dramatically. 

Today, sports leggings and pants are part of any stylish wardrobe, including bikini collections, to look up to date. Check out our combo of Emma Bell Bikini and Splash Leggings at Embellish Active.


Whether it's for a date, an informal party, or event, let Splash leggings stand out in the best way with these styles to match before you head out: 

Wear Leggings With A Blazer

Grab your favorite Splash leggings and experiment with blazers in bright colors like red, pink, or yellow. If your style is more subdued, go for camel, gray or white

Wear Leggings With A Chic Leather Jacket

Get a unique look and make it personal by wearing a tank top, and one of our pairs of leggings, with your favorite leather jacket. Elegance with a rebellious streak will complete a new look that you've never flaunted before. For footwear, put on ankle boots, sneakers, or heels according to where you're off to.

Wear Leggings With Sneaker Shoes

The most urban style can be created with leggings and sneakers in any style or color scheme. Wear a sweatshirt, sweater, or denim shirt to complete the look. The secret is casual; if you pull off wearing a denim top with leggings and sneakers – more power to you!

Wear Leggings With Coats

If you want to imbue a high level of sophistication, your best option is coats or raincoats with your outfit (that includes leggings). If you want to stand out in the crowd, then go for specifically Splash leggings. Avoid wearing the same material your leggings are made up of for the top. Use your creativity for the rest of your getup. Strappy heels, over-the-ankle boots, or long boots will go well with your outfit.

Wear Leggings With Poncho

A poncho is quite a folksy garment that's became synonymous with elegance or art – however you look at it. A poncho along with our Splash leggings is a combo that will keep you comfortable, warm and looking sassy. Make sure that the poncho is not so long as to cover your knees, nor so short that it doesn't reach your waist. You can’t lose balance and shape with those fashion faux pas. 

Wear Leggings With A Black And White Combo

The power of black and white will make you look somber, and offer a degree of sophistication such that it creates a fashion statement. Pair leggings with strappy heels or oxford shoes, and use minimal accessories. Create this look with a baggy T-shirt, an over-the-knee coat, sweater or raincoat, and a pair of sneakers, stilettos or boots.

Wear Leggings With A Skirt

Skirts with leggings have a personality that allows you to adapt the style to most occasions. For something more casual, try a flowery skirt, sleeveless top, a jacket, and work boots. Change the look with a matching top, hat and wedge heels, or opt for a leather jacket and ankle boots to go with the skirt and leggings.

Wear Leggings With An Extra-Large Sweater

Create a more casual style with an over sized sweater. Add socks and boots, ankle boots or sneakers, and accessorize to shield yourself from the cold and go to school or to work.