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Tips For Choosing Comfortable Sportswear

Posted on July 13 2020

To feel the comfort while exercising is essential. Embellish Active brings you tips to choose the right sportswear, whichever the discipline you practice. If you are a fan of , In the meantime, check out our aqua color clothing, as well as our wide range of leggings, swimsuits, tanks, aqua caprisand more. 

Cotton Or Polyester – Which One Is Better?

Many of us believe that cotton is the best choice when it comes to clothing that makes us feel relaxed and comfortable. This is because cotton is an organic, soft, and absorbent material. However, cotton is not always convenient to use or wear at all times. An example: sportswear.

To carry out any rigorous physical activity, the clothing should allow the body to perspire. Whether you're exercising or practicing for a sports competition, it is an excellent idea to choose synthetic sportswear for the activity. The reason is that cotton soaks sweat, and ends up becoming heavy and visible; technology has helped create lighter material that doesn't show how much you're sweating – or where.

Sportswear is lightweight, helping you wick away moisture and keeping you dry. Clothing suitable for running, for CrossFit, among other high-intensity sports, are made of polyester and nylon.

Women's Sportswear: Between Modern And Comfortable

Women tend to be more concerned with how they'll look in what they wear. They look for modern clothes that conform to their bodies and allow them to exercise or practice sports comfortably. Here's a list of clothing items that are trendy, yet fulfill all the requirements.

  • Capris

Capris are ideal for low-impact exercises such as Pilates and yoga. You can wear them on summer days for outdoor sports and, of course, they're great for running, and cycling. These pants are good for consistent movement. Check out our funky, sporty style lilac capris today!

  • Leggings

Classic sports leggings can be used for any activity (indoors or outdoors) since they're easy to move in and very comfortable. We recommend them for hotter days and intense sports, such as speed racing.

  • Sports Bra And Bikini 

Many women use the wrong size bikini or an unsuitable model for their body frame. When it comes to the bra part – whether it's for the bikini or just a sports bra – it's better that you try it out before buying it. Enter the dressing room in the sports store with your potential purchase and check for whether:

  • Your breasts remain fixed
  • You can easily slide a couple of fingers under the tape around the cups and back
  • You can breathe easily
  • The fabric does not twist in or out

Regarding the type of sports bra to go for, compression tops are for women with smaller breasts like cups A and B. On the other hand, if you wear a size C or D, buy bras that separately keep the breasts in place.

Comfort Is The Main Thing

When you buy sportswear or exercise wear, the first thing to remember is that they should be comfortable. This doesn't mean that you go to the gym in a size 4XL T-shirt – but nor does it mean that you wear super tight clothes.

Choose Comfortable And Good Quality Clothes

Follow these tips so that you're buying comfortable, good quality fitness clothing.

  • If being fit is something totally new for you, choose from our collection of tank tops of your size. 
  • Design, quality, durability, and fabrics that wick away moisture are the ones to go for.
  • Dress according to the sport you practice or the exercise you're into. That means clothing that conforms to you for cycling, aerobics, etc.
  • The clothing, in turn, should be according to the season, helping you keep cool in the summer and in layers during the winter.
  • Don't borrow sportswear or exercise wear.