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What Clothes Should I Wear To Practice Yoga? 9 Recommendations

Posted on July 19 2020

We know you understand the advantages of practicing yoga – but do you dare to start your journey to become a yogi? If the answer is yes, it's time to practice your yoga sessions with clothing that will allow you to focus better on the teaching. The clothes you choose need to be comfortable, stretchable and resistant to tears, like our must-have active yoga pants.

Before you started practicing yoga, you probably thought exercise wear would work just fine. Yoga wear should be comfortable, slightly snug and fit closely to the body so that clothing is not interfering with your yoga moves. Currently there are many super interesting, comfortable and cool yoga wear available, such as our pretty yoga tops and peony yoga pants to add more comfort to your yoga sessions. 

If you wear the right clothes for yoga practice, you will be more at ease and focused on the learning. Next, we inform you what yoga wear is like, so you can either start practicing yoga, or move on to becoming a yogi.

Practicing Yoga

The ideal clothing for practicing yoga should be comfortable, stretchable, and resistant to tears, like our peony yoga pants, or tattoo yoga pants.

  • Comfort:Ideally, when you can focus on exercising, any discomfort will snap you out of focus. So, the clothing you wear shouldn't too baggy or too tight.
  • Stretch:Yoga postures can make you bend your body in ways that you normally wouldn't, so your clothes shouldn't restrict your movements. Check out our perfect combo of pretty yoga tops and peony yoga pants.
  • Resistant to tear:You have to be on the floor for 25 minutes at a time. So, for you to make a lasting investment and avoid embarrassment, you wear quality clothing that won't tear easily.

Recommendations For Yoga Wear

Yoga Pants

Our yoga pants conform to your body and are ideal for practicing yoga or Pilates. They are made of stretch fabric and have flat seams to prevent chafing; the waist can be adjusted to provide greater lumbar support. Check out our chic and stylish tattoo yoga pants.

Yoga Capris

This season fall in love with yoga capris in striking prints and colors. They are made of stretchable fabric that follows the natural curve of the legs for a better fit, while the mesh panels on the sides make is easier for your skin to breathe. 

Yoga Shorts

Shorts add a lot of comfort and pace in your yoga outfits. You can wear them as is or with tights underneath. Our favorite is a pair of shorts made of soft, quick-drying fabric. Pair these shorts with pretty yoga tops in matching hue for yoga class. 

Printed Pants

Add some color to your workouts with peony yoga pants; pair them with a plain top. They're designed using the latest technology to control sweat and keeps your skin fresh and dry for longer. 

Sports Bras 

A sports bra will add a touch of color to your yoga outfits. The Embellish Active collection is so striking that you can use any one of the sports bras as a top. These are specific yoga bras with scoop necklines, mesh lining with removable padding, and crossed straps in the back. Wide straps promise to reduce tension and provide comfort. Choose the light support sports bra with a striking tropical print. An advantage here is that these bras have mesh lining for proper ventilation that's needed while practicing yoga or exercising.

Ethnic Pants

Let's say you don't really like wearing tight pants and you want total freedom. If you choose our capris or fisherman pants, they'll be an answer to your prayers.  

Tank Top Or Wide Sleeves

The perfect yoga top is one that doesn't get in the way you're moving your arms. So, weather permitting, tank tops are a great idea. A stretchy cotton shirt on top will help in case you sweat a lot, since the shirt will absorb excess moisture.


A special recommendation for ladies here: when doing yoga, wear sports tops or bras without clasps. Underwire isn't a good idea – neither are the types that won't keep your privates covered as you bend, twist, stretch, and turn.

The Ideal Clothing To Practice Yoga

In principle, you should always select clothes that are comfortable and that conform to your body so that you don't encounter issues while practicing different postures, exercises or asana. Another factor to consider is the material, itself.  Bet on technical fabrics that repel sweat and are breathable.